Why Serviced Offices Are the Future of Flexible Workspace Solutions

Serviced offices represent a paradigm shift from ostentatious offices to more flexible workspaces that also offer value for money proposition. With the recent pandemic having nearly retracted, the world has also come to realize the value of minimalism and frugalism. Added to this, real estate prices in metropolitan cities and major towns are perpetually on the rise since demand always takes the upward curve and space available is inelastic. Thus, for anyone looking for flexible workspace solutions, the singular answer is serviced offices irrespective of location. The pandemic also taught the world that swanky offices are not essential to be productive at work. Let us now delve more into the future of serviced offices and flexible workspace solutions.

Serviced offices: Where flexibility meets professionalism, empowering businesses to thrive in a dynamic world.

The concept of serviced offices was introduced in the United States of America as far back as the 1960s. An office building or office that is equipped fully and with a facility Management Company rendering all the associated services is known as a serviced office. Individuals or businesses can rent a whole floor, partial floor, or even cubicles for one person, and work desks according to their needs in these serviced offices. The biggest benefit from serviced office rental is that every tenant irrespective of size or tenure gets access to a host of world-class amenities some of which are part of the rental while some others attract additional payment based on use (print shop for instance). Serviced offices are also christened as business centers, executive centers, and flexible offices or managed offices following geographical practices.

Benefits of Serviced Offices

In serviced offices, users can generally get rental terms that are flexible as against a leased office attracting more significant investment in terms of equipment, furnishing, maintenance, and restrictive lease terms. The flexibility of space is the hallmark of serviced offices allowing users to expand or shrink the space rented according to the needs of their business. Users also get access to common facilities like the front desk, secretarial services, coffee shop, housekeeping, etc. some of which may attract small additional payments. In a traditional office, users have to make significant investments to avail of these amenities and the related equipment remains idle for most part of the day. The capital expenditure saved can therefore be used for other productive areas giving a financial edge to the users.

Who can use a serviced office?

Literally, anyone needing a flexible professional looking, and affordable workspace can use serviced offices. Serviced offices are the best option in place of a traditional office lease for a host of user categories like solopreneurs, corporate businesses, freelancers, startups, and even individuals. Serviced offices are also particularly suited to individuals and businesses that need scalability to match their business growth trajectory. The space needs of a business will always be relative to the pace of its growth. Although most businesses will need more space to match their growth, at times, it may also be necessary to shrink the space rented for varying reasons. In a traditional office lease, it is nearly impossible to accommodate scalability while serviced offices offer this luxury.

Service office industry and disruptions like the pandemic

Historically, the serviced office industry has remained resilient in the face of various disruptions. As most of us do know the recent pandemic caused serious disruptions to businesses and individuals across global communities. Although the serviced office industry was not wholly insulated from the impact of the pandemic, they were able to claw back into reckoning faster than most other sectors. New measures to keep users and service providers protected from the potential spread of the virus were in place. As of mid-2023, we can heave a sigh of relief and say that the efforts have paid dividends ensuring business continuity for individuals and businesses. In the last 4 decades, the serviced office industry has maintained its upward trajectory successfully thwarting challenges like the dot.com crash, economic meltdown, and Brexit.

Why the serviced offices industry will continue to thrive

The major drivers for the continuing success of the serviced offices industry are the need for flexible workspaces and the ever-growing demand from global enterprises, startups, freelancers, and individuals from across the globe. The pandemic-induced lockdown has also taught the world that small is beautiful and therefore we are seeing a clear shift in preferences when it comes to work spaces. With the demand for flexible workspace is only likely to move up further putting the serviced office space industry on a healthy turf.

The “Serviced” component is a huge help in leaping forward

The “Serviced” component in the serviced offices industry is a huge help in its march forward. The sector is highly dedicated to ensuring the best in class user experience and that has significantly helped in its growing popularity. The affable design aspects and the networking and community aspects impacting the space and the occupiers are carefully screened and tailored to suit individual businesses and users.

Signing up for your serviced office space itself is a pleasurable and frictionless experience consuming precious little time and hardly any legalese or paperwork. Add to this the fact that everything from the front desk service to reliable internet connections is always up and running and the guarantee of no downtime at all. Consequently, users are free from the bother of finding appropriate service providers to fix their computers or electrical connections and other essentials.

Summing up

Serviced office spaces are cost-effective and users can move in or out with short notice. With a high level of scalability and excellent amenities that come with serviced office spaces, the future is bright for this industry.

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