Why Coworking Spaces Are the Way Forward for Modern Offices

San Francisco is home to the first-ever Coworking office spaces that started operations way back in 2005. In a period tad short of 2 decades, the Coworking spaces as an industry has grown remarkably across the globe with about 25,000 Coworking spaces of varying descriptions and is slated to register further robust growth and nearly double by 2024. For start-ups and freelancers, Coworking spaces are a huge boon since it takes away a chunk of the financial burden for budding entrepreneurs. As most of us have experienced, Coworking office spaces also demonstrated their power to ensure business continuity for several individuals and businesses globally. The industry was also quick to learn the varying needs of its customers and adapt itself by offering multiple types of spaces like shared office spaces, private office spaces, dedicated Coworking spaces, etc.

Modern offices are not just places of work, but hubs of creativity, collaboration, and innovation, where ideas flourish and teams thrive.

Coworking Spaces in the modern era

Most Coworking spaces work on a membership model with different classes of membership to cater to the diverse needs of individuals, freelancers, small start-ups, medium businesses, and even corporate clients. Many Coworking spaces also occupy a complete building so that large clients needing more space and privacy can occupy a complete level or floor and carry on their business.

Before the onset of the pandemic Coworking spaces were experiencing healthy growth thanks to the flexibility for employers and employees alike with convenient office spaces for businesses of varying sizes. When the pandemic struck in March 2020 the way the world conducted businesses faced serious challenges. Many governments put in place lockdown restrictions and meeting in person was nearly impossible and dangerous as well. Working from home became the norm to ensure business continuity. Coworking spaces were also subjected to various restrictions placed by the government and many Coworking spaces had to shut down temporarily. Thankfully, most Coworking spaces reopened after extensive cleaning and sanitization and that provided many individuals and businesses an opportunity to ensure business continuity by shifting their activities wholly or partly to Coworking spaces.

The modern-day Coworking spaces

Basically, Coworking spaces are shared office spaces with a wide range of operational facilities for individuals and businesses of varying descriptions. In return for a membership fee, members from identical or diverse areas of business can work as individuals or teams in the shared space. Yet, the plug-and-play Coworking spaces are distinct from regular offices. They are in fact a flexible way of working in the future where top-notch office amenities can be accessed by anyone without having to own the amenities. Modern-day Coworking spaces are so well-appointed that you get the feeling that you are walking into a large corporate office. For a small start-up, it is virtually impossible to offer such amenities to their employees.

How modern-day businesses can benefit from Coworking spaces

The ability to collaborate and network with other businesses and individuals is heralded as the biggest advantage that Coworking spaces offer to their members. In a traditional office, it is hardly ever possible to meet people from other businesses or collaborate with them for mutual gain. Most of these Coworking spaces offer a vibrant and high-octane ambiance to nurture skill development, social interaction, team, and countless opportunities for collaboration and networking.

Modern-day Coworking offices offer nearly everything that a wide array of customers look for. 24×7 access, innovative workspaces, short-term leases, flexible workspaces, and adaptable spaces are only some of the desirable features that are offered by modern Coworking spaces. With a lion’s share of the time being spent by employees in their workplace, workplace design is very important. Instead of expecting the employees to fit into the design, providing an ergonomically designed workspace will enhance their comfort and therefore their productivity. In modern-day Coworking spaces, the boring cubicles have been buried making way for more warm and lively workspaces with positive energy flowing from visually appealing surroundings. Thus, modern-day workspaces are positioned as a one-stop solution for the millennials. The modern aesthetics, splashes of colors, top-notch acoustics, versatile seating, reading corners, hanging plants, yoga and wellness room, and gaming zone are some of the amenities you will find in most Coworking spaces.

The vibrant and creative landscape seen in modern Coworking spaces is undoubtedly setting the tone for the work culture of the future and enhanced employee productivity.

Cost-effective amenities

Among the major drivers of Coworking spaces are the cost-effective amenities they provide including shared resources like secretarial services, office equipment, comfortable workspaces, improved focus leading to enhanced productivity, and opportunities for community building and social interaction.

Building a thriving community beyond the work meetings

Independent workers, solopreneurs, and freelancers can quickly lose touch with the emerging trends in the industry, particularly when they are working from confined spaces. But in a shared office space they have the opportunity to be part of larger communities with exposure to key insights of businesses and breakthrough benchmarks in the industry. The flexible workspace in Coworking spaces provides employees and members of all classes with social events, training programs, and networking events and enhances their productivity.

Step in for a hands-on experience

To experience our Coworking spaces and how they can change the way you can work, you are invited to visit our Coworking space in person. We will provide you with a day pass to help you understand how our facilities can make a difference to the way you work.