Must-Have Amenities to Look for in a Coworking Office Space

When you decide to look for Coworking office spaces, ideally you should choose shared office space or Coworking office space that offers many desirable amenities. For this, you should first create amenities that you consider essential for your business and also those you may need to accommodate future needs when your business grows. You should also understand that some of these amenities will come as part of your membership while others will come with a price tag attached. However, most Coworking office spaces such add-on amenities on a pay-as-you-use basis. Secretarial assistance, print shop, and Pantry or Coffee corner are among examples of such amenities.

Fuel your productivity in a collaborative haven, where amenities unite and possibilities ignite.

Coworking office spaces represent shared office spaces wherein people from different companies, and backgrounds, are working independently or in teams or groups. Typically, such offices have neutral infrastructure comprising utilities, equipment, and shared custodial and reception services. The popularity of Coworking spaces has risen significantly with the onset of hybrid work culture and represents an affordable alternative to traditional offices.

Let us now turn to some of the must-have amenities that you should have in your shared office or Coworking office space

High-speed internet and Wi-Fi

We are in the digital age and a dependable/reliable high-speed internet connection that promises close to ‘nil’ downtime and lagging is the first and most important amenity that you should look for in your Coworking virtual office or shared office space. The quality and reliability of your internet/Wi-Fi will greatly impact your reputation and success. Therefore, you should check and recheck this amenity multiple times to ensure that you don’t regret after signing on the dotted lines. Check for reviews from previous users and also speak to a few others who are presently using the facility. The speed of your internet connection should be 250 Mbps or more particularly when there are several people working in the Coworking space.

Meeting/Conference rooms

Meeting/conference rooms in the shared office space chosen by you offer not just privacy but also help in presenting a more professional environment to your visiting clients and team members. In Coworking spaces, meeting rooms are very important since they offer a private space for members to exchange ideas and interact, conduct workshops, hold presentations, and other events.

Common areas and pantry

When your employees have access to a pantry, they can bring homemade food/beverages to their work spot rather than going out to expensive outlets and incurring avoidable expenditures every day. Access to common areas and a pantry significantly encourages employees to socialize, take healthy breaks, and share a meal. This way, your employees also save a significant amount of time apart from staying focused and energized.

IT support/Concierge

A concierge can be of great help to members in executing various tasks including ordering food and drinks, organizing meeting rooms, organizing events, and more. Similarly, accessible IT support ensures that help is always at hand to take care of any issues with internet connectivity and Wi-Fi problems. In this digital age, we should be essentially prepared with troubleshooting software and hardware issues. When these amenities are working at their optimal best, workers can focus on their work without worrying about technical and logistics issues leading to a higher level of satisfaction, service, and productivity.

Power backup

Though the electrical power situation has made commendable improvements in recent years, occasional disruptions are unavoidable for a variety of reasons. Therefore, to take care of those disruptions, appropriate power backup is essential. Check out the power backup arrangement in your shared office space and make sure that it is adequate to meet potential exigencies. When the power supply remains uninterrupted throughout the work hours, it helps in creating a sense of reliability and security among the employees aiding their productivity and satisfaction.

24×7 accessibility

Check out the chosen Coworking office spaces in Gurgaon and ensure that 24×7 accessibility is available. Access control systems are very helpful not only for monitoring employee movements but also to restrict access to uninvited ‘guests’. You should also know that advanced access control systems can be controlled from your smartphone for enhanced convenience and ease.

Printing and scanning facilities

In the course of your business, you may need to scan and/or print some documents. If in-house facilities are available with your Coworking office space, it saves a significant amount of time and employees need not waste their productive time organizing this


Real estate is terribly expensive in metropolitan cities and even towns. Since cars and two-wheelers can be parked only on the ground floor, check out how much parking space is available for your business and if that is adequate to meet your needs.

Efficient and dedicated staff

More important than all the above amenities is a team of efficient and dedicated staff without which none of the amenities listed above would be relevant for the progress of your business. The responsibility of hiring the right staff and creating the perfect business environment for them to deliver the best is on the business owner and not a part of the shared office space deal.

You are invited

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