How to Choose the Right Temporary Office Space for Your Needs

The last decade has shown a growing preference for temporary office space and takers for commercial leases have been shrinking. Most big and small businesses today look for flexibility in their real estate priorities. Let us, therefore, examine various ways of choosing the right temporary office space for your needs.

Embrace the power of the temporary office; it breathes flexibility and fuels productivity in an ever-changing world.

Temporary office space is defined as a space that is leased on flexible or short-term terms as compared to a traditional office lease. In most parts of the Western world, an office lease generally requires the lessee to commit to that space for a minimum of 5 years. A temporary office space on the other hand allows more agile, smaller, and fast-paced businesses to enjoy multiple benefits of a physical office space sans the contractual obligations and restrictions attached to long-term leases.

Benefits of a temporary office space

There are several benefits that come with a temporary office space rental as opposed to the restrictions attached to long-term leases. The following are among these benefits.


Temporary office space rental allows you to choose a monthly rolling arrangement without any fee for an early exit. Consequently, you enjoy the freedom to expand or shrink the office space according to the needs of your business. Though moving to a larger space is generally the norm, choosing a smaller space may become necessary when you move one or more parts of the business to a new location.


Your workspace should be suited to the size and type of your business. Temporary office space allows you to choose from a wide range in terms of scale, location, size, etc. giving you precisely what you need.


When you rent temporary office spaces, they are generally well-equipped and furnished with all that your business needs. This is a huge benefit since you can start working from the moment you occupy the space. Imagine the significant saving that you can make compared to all the expenses involved in not just setting up, but also maintaining permanent offices.


Space needs for businesses are never static. As your business grows, you may need a larger space. But, in certain instances, you may want to spread your wings to newer locations which means you need smaller spaces in each location. Temporary office space rental allows you to expand or shrink your space needs according to the need of the hour.


Often you find that temporary office spaces are centrally located and amenities like shopping districts, transport hubs, nightlife, and entertainment venues are easily accessible. This not only makes it a lot easier for people to access the office but also attracts new hires from across the city.

Types of temporary office spaces

There are many types of temporary office spaces including shared office spaces, dedicated private offices, or virtual offices. The following are among the more common types of temporary office spaces.

Full-floor office spaces

Full-floor office spaces are self-contained, private offices that a single business rents out. Such office spaces come fully equipped and furnished with everything that a company needs to carry on its business. The biggest advantage of this arrangement is that the business can hit the ground straight and start its work from day one. These offices can also be customized to address specific needs and branded with the company logo.

Dedicated desks

Only one individual can be accommodated in individual desks but yet, they still make a temporary office space. Typically dedicated desks are seats in Coworking spaces that are not assigned to any employee and are available for anyone to use for a few hours. At times, these dedicated desks are also booked in advance, though such spaces can be used by other workers on an ad hoc basis.

Shared office spaces

Shared office space means that many companies are working from one large space. This helps in reducing costs since businesses need not pay for the whole area and share the facilities, amenities, and common areas.

Meeting rooms

Meeting rooms are offered by many temporary office spaces and these are available for booking by the hour. The major advantage of these meeting rooms is that they are well-appointed spaces with A/V tools, conferencing cameras, and other virtual meeting aids. For small businesses and startups, this can work as a lifeline since they need such facilities only for a few hours in a week or month. Most of us do know that it involves a significant amount of capital expenditure to set up such meeting rooms. At a fraction of this cost, users get access to all those desirable amenities.

Choosing your temporary office space

You can be a freelancer looking for a Coworking space, or a business that needs a temporary, flexible office. Whatever be your need, your focus should be on adaptable workspaces that are beautifully designed and can meet the ever-changing needs of your business and your team. Many service providers have the ability to offer temporary office space at multiple locations. For some individuals and businesses, this can mean a lot because for short-term use they have a ready office available at short notice at very affordable costs.

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